Add Drama to your room.

Dramatic Transformation

Are you tired of staring at boring walls?  We are here to help.  While we’ve proven time after time, how artwork can enhance any room.  Take a look at these simple steps to really add drama to any space.

Of course we recommend photography as the perfect medium.  This can be done with any favorite paintings, metalwork or your favorite fabric swatch in a frame.    By framing the artwork with paint, the wall becomes a focal point.  This enhancement will also help fill the wall if the artwork you’ve chosen is a bit small for the space.

Once you’ve decided on your focal piece, grab some paint.  You won’t need much.  I always have leftover paint in the garage from some past project.  (The oops paints at your local retailer can be a great place to find bargain paint too, if you are flexible on your color.)  Choose a color that is in the artwork or even another more contrasting shade of what is currently on the walls.

I suggest taking some painters tape and marking off the area you want to work with to create your splash of color. This will help you picture the outcome more clearly before making your final decision on the size for your pop of color.  Rehang your artwork and take a step back.  You may want to try a different shape, smaller, larger, or more rectangular.

Once you like what you see, remove the artwork and paint on your splash.

Your pop of color surrounding your art will add excitement and yup, Drama to your room.  Be sure and let us know when this wall becomes the favorite room in your home.

Have fun turning your life into art!  And remember, if you are not up to the task, Gallery Portraiture can always do it for you.

Add Drama to your room.

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