“All I can say is WOW! You do amazing work!”  

Debbie M.


A full session at Gallery Portraiture is a HIGH-END CUSTOM CREATIVE EXPERIENCE.  Portraits are tailored to each client and unique artworks designed to fit your home.  We only accept a limited number of sessions each year. We invest our creativity fiercely with every client before the order is even placed.  So we can provide this exclusive experience, it is important that we are the right fit for our clients.  

We want to provide you with an awesome experience worth telling your friends.  And create images that will outlive all of us.

“We had such a great time and you do such great work! Can’t wait to see the rest! You capture the best of the Makena I know and love!”

Debbie M.

“Just read about your volunteering info! Great Job! So happy to see others giving back. You are an inspiration!” 


“We have an amazing photographer! Thanks we are really happy!”  

Briana D.

“Your aesthetic sensibility has grown so masterfully, it touches me no end! 

Bea O.

Our session fee is collected at the time of booking to reserve your time and date. It covers a design consultation, Tracy’s time and talent, planning of your photo session, image preparation for the private screening/ordering appointment.  It does NOT include any artwork, prints or products.

Session fee … 149

Smaller Artworks begin at … 595

Photo Books begin at … 595

Ala Carte prices begin at …55

Is Gallery Portraiture the perfect fit for you?  Please call to book your session 816-734-7272.