“My Life” sessions are designed to show the Beauty shines from within you.   Targeted for kids 9-18.  These sessions are as much about the experience as the incredible resulting images.  

    • Capture what’s important to you– We start by getting to know your kiddo through a fun and easy to complete a questionnaire.  
    • Design around her– Everyone is different.  We want to showcase what makes you … well, YOU!  Let’s include your favorite places, activities, and things into your session.  
    • Let the Inner confidence shine – Your teen will be the star of this session as we capture that uniqueness.
    • Clothes!  Bring your favorite outfits.  Wardrobe changes on the fly are encouraged.  Of course, fashion is important at this age.  Bring accessories, hats, bling; you name it… for your modeling encounter.
      • Bring your BFF’S – The group dynamic plays such a role at this point.  It’s natural for tweens to want to spend time with their friends.  The majority of the photographs will be of your child.  BFF shots will be just part of the fun.   We recommend keeping the group under 10.  BFF Parents are encouraged to come too.
      • Be her Hero!  This is also a great opportunity to grow your relationship with your teen.  You will be the coolest Mom on the block with this epic event!
      • A few of our fav’s will be posted to social media.  We want your teen to feel confident about sharing her experience and her photographs.  We’ll deliver something she’ll want to rave about.
      • Your favorites can be printed to display in your home to give her the confidence and knowledge of your never ending love.

      “My Life” sessions allow your kids to express themselves with family, through friendships and by themselves. They are sure to have fun and capture their inner confidence.  Big changes; Braces, acne, getting contacts are milestones for your child.  Help her feel beautiful throughout her growth; Build self-esteem and show her true personality.  YOU can give your teen a positive experience during these challenges.

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