Office installation

Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children
Staff children’s portraits brighten the space

What does your office decor say about your business? 

Here at Gallery Portraiture we have had the joy of working with some local offices to transform and personalize their space. One of the most recent offices we have worked with was Dentistry for Children, located in Gladstone. They had recently moved into a new office space and together we came up with the perfect way to add some personality and familiarity to their space. We spent a couple of afternoons photographing their staffs’ families. After some editing and perfecting, we held a private viewing of all the portraits we were able to capture and let them decide what portraits they wanted to adorn their office walls. Once all the portraits were back from the printers; we put on our construction hats and headed to their offices to install the beautiful family portraits that added feelings of love and the familiarity of home to their offices. All of the staff loved to see the familiar faces on their walls and we loved the experience.


Dentistry for Children

Make your office feel like home!


We would love to work together with you to transform your drab, gray office walls into an office you and your staff members love to walk into every day! Give us a call at 816-734-7272 and let’s start planning your office transformation today!


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