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Family Portraits



Family Portraits

What Experience are you looking for?

Family portraits are more than finding a pretty location and matching your clothes. The best family portrait embraces the love, caring, and emotions you hold for one another. Teenagers playfully nudge each other, a big squeeze for daddy from his little girl, the toddler who goes rogue when everyone else is perfectly placed and smiling; each situation is priceless. I feel blessed that families reveal their beauty, open up to me about their relationships and experiences. I am invited into my clients’ homes and worlds. Clients trust me to celebrate a 100th birthday with generations all together and to capture the last day after Mom has finished chemo treatments and the day before Dad begins his. My job is to see that unconditional love, encourage those moments, the subtle caring looks, and be ready when they appear. “Memories captured” is more than a cliché used by photographers. It is the gift we can share and reflect upon for ages. I promise to take each moment sincerely and welcome the opportunity as you allow me to turn life into art.
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